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ABAD Logistics Co., Ltd. effectively reflect market situation in ever-changing environment.

We have devoted all our energy to develop service's quality to satisfy customer's desires and now we do our utmost to satisfy customers based on active, steady creative and challenging mind as reliable your partner.


All the members of staff perform the most important task that is to fulfill the customer's demand through voluntary participation with amazing passion.

Each one of us armed oneself with thorough professionalism and systemized high quality service is our duty.


We declare that we always response with pleasure for customer's inquiries and whenever customer call us, we rush to satisfy them.


Our customer's satisfaction lay groundwork for the power of forwarder and we always do our best till all customers are satisfied.


We are sure that beautiful dream which create future comes true. Hoping your prosperity, we would like to bring the message "We'll be wherever your requirements happen and whenever your need, like your body for your goodness."


Thank you.